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Getting to know us is the very next step in your quest for YOUR ideal photo. I’m Jennifer! My husband and I are a Husband-and-Wife Photography Team. Some people call us “Jen & G”. “G” (Aaron) and I have a zany off-the-cuff style. We are very unconventional – more goofy than anything. And the best part is – we still really enjoy each other’s company and talent – even after being married almost 17 years!

Aaron, who is also a talented photographer, is also a professional commercial pilot. He’s so laid-back and easy going – you’ll feel like you’ve been friends for decades. Thank goodness for Aaron – he keeps my feet on the ground! Aaron has experience with Senior Portraits, Couples and Engagements. He’s wonderfully talented and just an all around NICE guy. Aaron’s weakness: Snickers and Military Shows.

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As for me (Jen – Chief Magic Photographer), I am quirky and creative. I’m bounce-off-the-walls fun at my portrait sessions. The most important thing to me (other than great lighting) is expression. The beautiful expressions are no accident! With my plethora of props and silliness, I create a world that welcomes kids to use their imaginations. When they are in that state of mind, and we are laughing and having a wonderful time – THAT’S when the expressions are real and amazing and my camera and I get to work! My studio is literally FILLED to the ceiling with sets, backgrounds, costumes and toys! Don’t get overwhelmed! This is where I create my art. This is where the magic happens. This Custom Professional Photography Studio is more fun than you can imagine and literally BURSTING with creativity!(Give me a call & I’ll give you the 5 cent tour for free:)

I love faces. I love to look at sweet faces of babies and kids because they are SO free in their expression. They aren’t trying to make an impression with me – they are 100% true to themselves. Everything is beautiful when I look through a camera lens. I am all about bringing that expression through my lens onto your wall so that you can see the amazingly beautiful face before you the way I did when I captured the image. Jen’s weaknesses: Fudge and camera lenses.

Sometimes we work separately and sometimes we work as a team – but we are always working for you. This is about art. This is about moments that are fleeting. This is about creating heirlooms that will be in your family forever. This kind of art will take your breath away. It still does for me!

We have two AWESOME dogs. Jazz & Whiskey. I always say “You can’t have a party without Jazz and Whiskey!” (heeehee). We are madly in love with them. They are our only “children” and very much a part of our family.

We DID name this business after our boy Jazz. I grew up listening to Jazz music as my father loved it so much. I absolutely fell in love with it too and have always had it around in my life. Once I got Jazz – his name fit him perfectly! He’s soo much fun and 10x bigger than I expected him to be!
Then along came Whiskey. Our more “robust” doggy. He’s the lover and the mischief maker – and thank goodness. He makes sure NOTHING is ever boring around here.

Aaron and I have had All That Jazz Photography for SEVEN YEARS! We are experienced and fun – highly creative and whimsical. Your experience will be exciting – never boring. We are fast-paced and ready for anything! BRING IT:D

Can’t WAIT to meet you and your family. Tell me ALL about yourself! I want to know about YOU.

Email me! Call me! Facebook me! I’m available to you.

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Click on ‘Let’s Talk’ to book your Portrait Session with All That Jazz Photography

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