Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions at All That Jazz Photography

What does my Session Fee/Retainer include? 

  • Time, experience and talent of photographer.
  • A pre-session consultation so we can discuss your dreams & ideas for your session(s).
  • Up to 2 hours in-studio with baby/family. {Special Edition Sessions 30 minutes}
  • Post session image preparation.
  • In-Person Viewing Appointment.


What should I expect at my session?
Your portrait session is designed to help you relax and enjoy the experience – leave the work to us! Expect to have fun. Our studio is filled with props, sets and backgrounds – so the choices are limitless!

When do I get to see the images?
You will get to see your images projected larger-than-life in a slideshow set to music during your Ordering Appointment 1-2 weeks after your session. We will help you with all of your final decisions on images and products that we have custom designed just for you. We can show you what your images will look like right on YOUR wall! So send us some images of your wall. We can input it right into our software. This is one of the best parts – so please feel free to bring as many people as you would like! Although it will be easier if you leave the little ones at home to let you relax and focus on your ordering session.

What kinds of photographic products do you offer?
We have a wide variety of ways for you to display your images in your home. Gone are the days when an 8×10 is considered a large print. To really help you retain the wonderful FEELING you get from your images, we’ll help you display them where you can enjoy them the way that best fits your family & home. Learn more in our PRODUCT GUIDE. 

What if I have friends and family out of town who want to buy?
If family lives out of town, your purchased images can be posted online in a temporary gallery for them to view following the ordering appointment. Products are a la carte + 25%.

How can I share my purchased images?
As a complimentary gift, we offer a Custom Smartphone App with a gallery of all your purchased images so you can easily access and share your precious portraits. Also we will provide a watermarked Share-It Image for you to share on Social Media and email. We know that we often choose to try to purchase digital images because all we really want to do is SHARE them. This way you can share them easily!!

“What if I only want a few small prints?”
What we are is a full service, high quality portrait studio. Another way to look at it is we’re a HOME FURNISHINGS SERVICE. We spend unlimited amounts of time on your session from photography to post-processing, and then provide you with the highest quality images to choose from for you to display in your home on your walls or shelves. We encourage our clients to consider wall art and albums as that is our goal. Boutique Photography isn’t for everyone! If you are looking only for Small Prints, we are happy to recommend other local photographers who may better accommodate your needs.

Why is custom so expensive?
Quality, custom photography by a specially-trained portrait artist is not for everyone. We are priced in order to continue the premier service we provide to our clients. For example, there are discount stores, department stores and boutiques. We are the “boutique” of photography studios with the product and service that comes with such a business model.

When do I get to bring everything home?
Quality takes time, so please allow 3-4 weeks from your order date for completion of your order. Custom designed albums and orders with framing will take longer. But it’s worth the wait!