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Magic Happens Here

Magic Happens Here


Award Winning Custom Baby Portraiture 

 If you are searching for a unique Baby Photographer who will capture your baby’s expression and milestones,
and who will help you choose the beautiful artwork prints and albums that best fit your style,

…then it’s likely that you are NOT the sort of person who will go and wait in line at some “Department Store Portrait Studio” with your precious newborn baby in your arms.  

‘Thank You, friend with a camera, but…’  you are not willing to risk this brief moment with a photographer who you aren’t confident will deliver breathtaking results. This is not the time to skimp on services. 

 Your baby is special, and you want something SPECIAL for them. You’re looking for a Custom Baby Photographer who will give you an exciting and magical
Portrait Experience and will capture your perfect baby
exactly the way they look right now…. but in the most creative and artistic ways.

Welcome to All That Jazz Photography and Home Decor Services.
Your baby’s portraits are their first heirloom.

Don’t make the mistake of risking these images to anyone other than a Professional Custom Baby Photographer.

The chief reason parents bring their babies and children to us is because it’s so difficult to capture that PERFECT Expression that shows off baby’s personality so they can have that moment on their wall forever.

Little munchkins often don’t seem to want to cooperate and you find yourself frustrated and disappointed that you can’t capture their personality at this moment in their life  before they change so quickly.

You want to show off your baby’s lovely personality on the walls of your home – but for something this important, they have to be the BEST……

This is why you are seeking out a Custom Professional Photographer. 

Professional Photography is a choice you make when you don’t want to take any more risks; when you don’t want to gamble with this brief moment in your baby’s life. 
Custom Photography means you’re choosing to Experience your Photography Session in a fun and relaxing way, no pressures – just enjoying creating baby as art.
Home Decor Services means you’re looking for Quality Heirloom Products to display in your home
that can be passed down and that will last a lifetime. Like a custom album or some beautiful wall pieces. 

Choosing a Custom Professional Baby Photographer means you won’t  have the stressful memories that come with dealing with the uncertainty you’ll get from Department Store Photographers, Big Box Photography companies and “newbie”  or relative photographers who may be practicing on you and your baby to build their portfolio.  {Nothing wrong with that, just so that you understand it is still a risk}.


You deserve to have the beautiful images you have been dreaming about! It’s my goal to make you happy….over the MOON in love with your images. My name is Jennifer and I’m a Professional Photographer. With our comfortable Photography Studio filled with props, sets and ideas and with my energy and off-the-cuff style, you are in for an exciting and happily memorable Professional Custom Baby Photography Session!


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